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  • ​​​​​Services​
AlanDick Broadcasts industry leading engineers, project managers, field technicians and manufacturing staff deliver the most superior service in the broadcasting industry. The complement between products and staff provided by AlanDick Broadcast, your broadcasting requirements are safe in our hands.  ​

Our experienced field crews are staffed and managed by highly qualified, safety conscious employees who are diligent in meeting deadlines and providing superior service.  

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

• Turn Key Installation

• After Sales Maintenance and Inspection

• Transmission Line System Design and Layout

• System Optimization Testing Service

• Site Survey and Inspection Services

  • ​​​Installations
AlanDick Broadcast prides itself on having the ability to provide top of the line and professional Installation and Construction services.

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• Installation Anywhere in the World

• Site Preparation

• Foundation Construction

• Tower Erection

• Shelter and Cabinet Installation

• Installation of Lines and Antennas

• Civil Construction of Roads

• Line Testing

• Security Fencing Installation 

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