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Circularly Polarised                     

Antenna VHF TV DAB 4 Dipole.png

                                                      4 Dipole Panel​​

​Vertically Polarised

  ​DAB Double Dipole.pngDAB-Turnstile_Page_1.jpg

              DAB Double Dipole​                       Low Cost DAB​ Solution​                 DAB Turnstile      


             DAB Cardioid                   Low Profile Panel Antenna



Shared Aperture DAB/FM           DAB & DAB Shared Aperture Overview                              Shared Aperture DAB​                                           DAB Shared Aperture.jpg

Some years ago the BBC approached AlanDick with a request to design an antenna that could be fitted into the space occupied by the existing FM antennas. 
We then embarked on a development project to find a way of achieving this without any serious effect on the FM antenna. The antenna had to be easy to install, with minimum downtime for the FM services, minimum impact on the FM antenna radiation pattern, and minimum effect on the return loss of the FM. All this while meeting the specification for the DAB antenna! The FM antennas supplied by AlanDick to the BBC are of two types depending on the structure they are mounted on.